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Welcome to my Oils Journey!

First a little bit about me. I'm a Mom, Grandmother and an RN. I was first introduced to the oils while I was doing some hospice nursing. We were utilizing Lavender for its calming and relaxing benefits. The results were amazing. However it wasn't until about 8 years later that I really discovered what they could do for me personally. I think that is why I'm so passionate about sharing the many benefits of the oils.

I attended a 3 day seminar, That weekend was life changing for me. I listened to 3 amazing speakers, but what really touched my heart were all the personal testimonies I heard that weekend, on how the oils were working in their lives. I heard stories on the day to day things that you and I deal with like the bumps, bruises,cuts, sniffles, sore throats, and stress, to the life changing moments like when the Dr. may tell you that you are facing some significant health challenges. I knew than that I needed to go home and purchase some oils for myself and see what they could do for me and my family.

The results like I said earlier have been life changing! If you are ready to explore Young Living Essential Oils for you and your families health I would love to walk with you on this path.

This site is geared toward providing you information on Young Living their benefits and what makes us different, to view pricing go to and than when you are ready to join or have further questions, you can return to my site and proceed, or contact me

Blessings in Health Sally Corbett